BeLEARN Projects

You can find all the research and practical projects realised within the BeLEARN framework in our gallery, as well as projects financed by the BeLEARN Booster.


The project descriptions are published in the language they are submitted in by the researchers.

Generative ai picture collage of classroom interior with school desks chair for teaching learning students

Be(e)Chat: Lokales KI-Modell für sichere, datenschutzkonforme Bildungsanwendungen im Kanton Bern

Exploring the Effects of Conversational Agents on Learners› Reflective Writing

This project explore the impact of conversational reflection with the help of an agent (i.e., chatbot) on business students’ reflection skills and learning

The Beauty and the Machine, joining aesthetics and robotics in education

Exploring the fusion of aesthetics & robotics, this project challenges stereotypes to enhance motivation and transversal skills in education.

Light bulb with idea and creation symbol from lines, triangles and particle style design. Illustration vector

ResponSE is about engaging students in co-creation activities to turn innovation ideas for a sustainable future into open educational resources

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Monitoring for empowering trainers and student teachers in the implementation of digital competencies

We explore how the Digital Training Companion, leveraging data science and AI, enhances the monitoring and follow-up of training in digital competencies.

KI-Orientierung für Lehrpersonen

BeLEARN entwickelt eine KI-Orientierung, die Lehrpersonen der Sekundarstufe I bei Fragen zum Thema Künstliche Intelligenz in der Schule unterstützt.

INTEAM+ Front-Picture

«INTEAM+: Revolution in der Gesundheitsausbildung mit VR und datenbasiertem Feedback für effektivere Teamarbeit?»

XR for Schools

Schüler*innen, Lehrpersonen und weitere Interessierte erhalten durch HoloLenses und die BeLEARN App einen spielerischen Zugang zur Mixed Reality.


Projekt zur Begleitung von Schulen der Sekundarstufe I auf ihrem Weg der digitalen Transformation.

Multicultural Interactive Integration Using Social Agents (MI2US)

Promoting children integration in multicultural school environments through artificial social agents.

Bild für Webseite Nachfolgeprojekt Learning Companion
An Intervention with the Learning Companion

With the Learning Companion, we aim to help future students acquire efficient study habits and metacognitive skills which are important for lifelong learning.

Virtuelle Akademie

Virtuelle Akademie – Die Lehre von morgen gestalten