Exploring Immersive Learning: Logistician Training

SFUVET collaborates with VET stakeholders to develop immersive training, generate insights for future research, and contribute to the digitization of education.


360° picture and video technologies are becoming increasingly popular for their immersive experiences and user-friendly nature, making them promising tools for enhancing education.


The focus of this research project is to incorporate interactive 360° videos into the training of logisticians. A teaching module will be developed in collaboration with teachers, covering the processes of receiving, accepting, and storing goods.


The research project thoroughly evaluates the potential and limitations of 360° video technology in the training of logisticians, with the objective of assessing student performance on key learning tasks and investigating influencing factors such as motivation, affect, cognition, immersion, and flow experience.


Specific research questions are still under development.


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Virtual Reality in der Berufsbildung und ihre Auswirkungen auf Kognition, Emotion und Verhalten | Eidgenössische Hochschule für Berufsbildung EHB


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