Exploring Immersive Learning: 360° Videos in Culinary Education

SFUVET collaborates with VET stakeholders to develop immersive training, generate insights for future research, and contribute to the digitization of education.


360° video technology is becoming increasingly popular for its immersive experiences and user-friendly nature, making it a promising tool for enhancing education.


The focus of this research project is to incorporate interactive 360° videos into the training of chefs. Through collaboration with teachers, a teaching module covering receipt, acceptance, and storage of goods was developed. The project carefully considered the possibilities and limitations of the technology, resulting in the establishment of specific learning objectives and the planning of 360° video production. Post-production and adaptation of the content for immersive viewing have been successfully completed, with additional materials created in collaboration with the faculty and additional interactions integrated in the immersive environment.


Apart from the design and development aspects, the project aims to check how students’ performance in three key learning tasks – receiving, accepting, and memorizing – varies depending on the assessment modality. In particular, it will be tested whether conducting an assessment in a similar, consistent immersive environment as the one used for learning is beneficial in comparison to conducting it in a more traditional way. Furthermore, we will examine psychological variables such as motivation, cognitive load, and sense of presence.


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Virtual Reality in der Berufsbildung und ihre Auswirkungen auf Kognition, Emotion und Verhalten | Eidgenössische Hochschule für Berufsbildung EHB


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