Booster Fund

BeLEARN has a Booster Fund to provide initial funding for new projects. 

In 2022, the fund contains CHF 150’000. All researchers from founding members of BeLEARN are eligible to submit their applications.


Applications can be submitted by February 15th, May 15th and November 15th.


In 2022 there is a minium of CHF 50’000 available for each deadline. If less than CHF 50.000 are awarded, the remaining amount will be added to the next deadline.


A decision will be taken within a month after the deadline. For each application, the maximum amount awarded cannot exceed CHF 10.000 per applying university, i.e. for a collaboration project of two universities, the maximum amount is CHF 20.000, for three universities CHF 30.000 and so on.


The application and decision process is shown in the flow chart below.


Please check the PDF for detailed information about the booster fund.

Don’t hesitate to contact the BeLEARN office ( or the locomotive of your university, if you have further questions.


Uni Bern: Etna Krakenberger (
PH Bern: Martin Dobricki (
BFH: Ioana Gatzka (
EPFL: Jessica Dehler (
EHB: Carmen Baumeler (

Prozess Booster Fund

Submission, approval, and accountability of start-up funding applications for BeLEARN projects

The BeLEARN Fund provides seed funding for cross-institutional innovative BeLEARN projects. Individuals jointly submit applications from at least two BeLEARN institutions. Submission, approval, and accountability of applications are governed by the following:

Individuals from two or more BeLEARN institutions have a joint idea for a research or development project. The idea/outline is discussed with the supervisor and a member of the group "les locomotives" according to internal university agreements.

With internal approval from the supervisor and ideally with the support of beneficiaries, the start-up can apply for funding. The application is made via this form and sent to