Do you, as a researcher at a BeLEARN founding university or as a member of a start-up or an associated partner, have an idea for an innovative project involving multiple universities? BeLEARN supports these types of projects in the field of digitalisation and education with its Booster fund for initial financing.


All researchers at founding universities are entitled to submit applications provided that at least two different universities are involved in the project. Associated partners and start-ups in the BeLEARN community can also submit applications provided that they are working with at least two BeLEARN founding universities for their project.


A maximum of CHF 10,000 per application can be allocated for each partner submitting an application. The maximum financing is therefore CHF 20,000 for collaborative projects between two partners, CHF 30,000 for projects with three partners, and so on. A total maximum of CHF 50,000 will be awarded per call.


There are two deadlines for submitting applications for the BeLEARN Booster, 31 March and 30 September respectively. You will receive notice of whether the financing you applied for has been approved or not within one month from the submission deadline.

Request Booster fund

Step 1

Before applying for the BeLEARN Booster, you must discuss an idea or an outline for your planned project with your superiors and with all members of the “Locomotives” group involved (see names and email addresses under “Contact”) in accordance with internal university agreements.

Step 2

As soon as this idea or outline is approved and ideally has support from the people it will benefit, you can apply for initial financing using the application form.

Step 3

The BeLEARN administrative office checks the applications for completeness. The selection decision is the responsibility of the Board and is communicated by the administrative office.

Step 4

Afterwards, the BeLEARN administrative office will contact you to inform you about the decisions and possible funding for the project. Then the money for your project will be transferred to you.

Step 5

If you have received the BeLEARN Booster, you must submit a short report with an appendix for accounting to the BeLEARN administrative office one month following completion of your project at the latest ( Please use the appropriate form for this and send it in PDF format. Please note that the report (without appendix) may be published on the BeLEARN website. You can also submit the final report in the form of a video. The BeLEARN administrative office will be happy to help you with the implementation of this.


If you have any other questions, you are welcome to get in touch with the BeLEARN administrative office or the “locomotive” for your university.

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