The Beauty and the Machine, joining aesthetics and robotics in education

Exploring the fusion of aesthetics & robotics, this project challenges stereotypes to enhance motivation and transversal skills in education.


This project investigates the intersection of aesthetics and robotics applied to education. Historically, the rigid, mechanical nature of robotics has contrasted sharply with the fluid creativity of the arts. However, advancements in technology and platforms like Arduino have made robotics more accessible and adaptable for artistic purposes. The project examines this evolution, from the stereotype of cold, rigid robotics to more poetic expressions, and the feasibility to bring this into classes. It also explores the shift in educational approaches from STEM to STEAM, where art is integrated to foster creativity and engagement. The core aim is to understand how an aesthetic approach to robotics can influence educational outcomes, particularly in enhancing motivation, sense of belonging, and self-efficacy, thereby achieving broader pedagogical objectives and cultivating transversal skills.

(Zwischen-) Ergebnisse und Infos zum Projektstand

The project just started on 1.1.2024, but we have already a set of videos illustrating a possible approach in chasses.


The project will explore the impact in classes, will be tested in classes, and will generate material that will finally be used in classes.


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