On October 27, 2021, the members of BeLEARN founded the BeLEARN Association with its headquarters in Berne. We are excited about this milestone.

The association is entrusted with the implementation of the strategic and operational goals of BeLEARN and forms the umbrella for the cooperation of the universities. The five participating universities are the University of Bern, the Bern University of Teacher Education, the Bern University of Applied Sciences, the Swiss Federal Institute for Vocational Education and Training and the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne.

BeLEARN is an initiative of the Canton of Berne.

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Founding Universities and Educational Institutions

BeLEARN is an initiative of the Canton of Berne and supported by the activities of the following educational institutions:


To achieve its vision, BeLEARN collaborates with the following partners:

Der Vorstand im BeLEARN Hub


Barbara Fontanellaz, Swiss Federal University for Vocational Education and Training SFUVET

Jochen Schellinger, Bern University of Applied Sciences

Fritz Sager, President Board, University of Bern

Jean-François Ricci, Vice President Board, EPFL

Daniel Steiner, PHBern

Katrin Müller, BeLEARN

Administrative Office

The administrative office is responsible for the operational management of BeLEARN and the Hub. It organises events for the BeLEARN community, provides information about the latest news through its newsletter and social media and supports researchers and start-ups with a wide range of issues. The administrative office also conducts its own projects at various levels of education.

Dr Katrin Müller


Katrin Müller
Franz Lam

Scientific collaborator

Franz Lam
Nina Liechti

Staff Administrative Office

Portraitfoto Nina Liechti
Sarina Grädel

Information Technician and
Vocational Instructor

Portraitfoto Sarina Grädel
Severine Renggli

Apprentice in Information Technology

Portraitfoto Severine Renggli
Johannes Jud

Project Leader

Dr. Tobias Schwörer

Project Leader

Portraitfoto Tobias Schwörer
Livia Hostettler

Project collaborator

Portrait Livia Hostettler


Researchers from the founding universities and associated partners bring the BeLEARN Hub to life, together with the start-ups and administrative office. In their various research projects, they dedicate themselves to the fields of digital skills, digital tools and data science for education, always thinking about translation into practice. They network with other BeLEARNers in the Hub and are both active and passive participants in numerous events.


BeLEARN offers co-working spaces in the Hub for start-ups in the field of digitalisation and education, enabling informal exchange about research. Additionally, the creation of start-ups from research projects is encouraged.

Here we are feature the start-ups and their offerings. 

Wir begleiten Bildungsorganisationen in der Gestaltung von offenen Lernräumen und ermöglichen mit unserer Software individuelle Lernwege in digitalen Kompetenzprofilen sichtbar zu machen.

Labster provides students with a learning tool which can be used at their own pace, and in their own time. This allows students with lower knowledge and skill levels to catch up with their peers.

Role-play based writing network with high-quality didactic materials for literary and emotional education in digital lessons.

Role-play based writing network with high-quality didactic materials for literary and emotional education in digital lessons.

Hazu is a cloud platform based on visual elements for educational institutions, companies and organisations. The intuitive approach enables completely new ways of working together, teaching and learning.

Examzone – Die sichere BYOD-Prüfungsumgebung. Mithilfe von vorkonfigurierten virtuellen PCs wird sichergestellt, dass Schüler*innen ihr Wissen und Können unter realistischen Bedingungen zeigen können.


The “Locomotives” group consists of one operational contact person from each of the five founding universities. They drive the research projects at their respective institutions and coordinate the calls for projects, as well as participating in the further development of BeLEARN.

Jessica Zufferey-Dehler, EPFL

Martin Dobricki, PHBern

Etna Krakenberger, Universität Bern

Ioana Gatzka, Berner Fachhochschule

Franz Lam, BeLEARN

Katrin Müller, BeLEARN

Carmen Baumeler, EHB

Der Beirat im BeLEARN Hub

Advisory Board

Toni Ritz, Educa

Valérie Schelker, Swiss Post

Fritz Sager, President Board BeLEARN

Hanna Muralt Müller, former Vice Chancellor

Christian Rosser, siteminsel AG

Barbara Agoba, Die Mobiliar

Alberto Piatti,  SUPSI

Katrin Müller, CEO BeLEARN

Abraham Bernstein, Digital Society Initiative, University of Zurich (not in the photo)

Der Beirat im BeLEARN Hub

BeLEARN focus groups

The focus groups promote innovation at the different levels in the school system. They do this by networking with each other and linking practical ideas and experience with research, as well as by concretely initiating projects using cross-institutional synergies. Their members come from different levels of education and economic sectors. BeLEARN passes on concerns from everyday education to research and promotes translation.

Impulsgruppe Berufsbildung

Vocational Education

Bruno Schumacher, Swiss Post

Rolf Felser, SFUVET

Martin Frieden, gibb

Ben Hüter, IDM Thun

Marc Marthaler, Swisscom

Tanja Käser, EPFL

Ernst Hegg, SBB

Franz Lam, BeLEARN

Matthias Zurbuchen, Technische Fachschule Bern

Not in the photo

Georg Berger, BBZ Olten

Peter Egger, , Retired publisher

Simone Grossenbacher, Mittelschul- und Berufsbildungsamt Kanton Bern

Serge Imboden, HES-SO

Katrin Müller, BeLEARN

Primary and middle schools

Lea Zordo, PHBern

Beat Schwendimann, LCH

Daniel Wildhaber, focus groups Primary and middle schools

Thierry Schluchter, PHBern

Daniel Steiner, PHBern

Andrea Iseli, Gymnasium Interlaken

Franziska Templer, PHBern

Katrin Müller, BeLEARN

Roman Brügger, EdTech Collider

Stephanie Burton Monney, HEP BEJUNE

Not in the photo

Mathias Mejeh, Universität Bern

Fabienne Mühlethaler, Ipsach School

Raymond Wiedmer, PHBern

Nicole Keller, PHBern