Working with BeLEARN

Working with BeLEARN

We are your point of contact for any digitalisation in education issues you may have and for our Hub.

We offer a wide range of opportunities for researchers and start-ups in the field of digitalisation and education: the use of the different spaces in the BeLEARN Hub, numerous events in the Hub, communication channels and networking with stakeholders. BeLEARN also has various digital gadgets available for use or for loan.



Our Hub is the heart of the BeLEARN ecosystem and offers a Focus Space for quiet working and a Collaboration Space for modular use, workshops, events, etc., as well as meeting rooms. Do you work in the field of digitalisation and education and are interested in working at an innovative hub and networking with researchers, start-ups and other actors in the field of education? Or would you like to put on your own event at the BeLEARN Hub and network with BeLEARN at the same time? Then get in touch with us. 

Community and Events

We bring together a variety of actors in the field of digitalisation and education and organise events for the community. Want to become part of this BeLEARN community? Then get in touch at Want to stay up to date and hear about any news promptly? Then sign up to our newsletter using this Link and follow us on LinkedIn.


Are you interested in concrete research projects? Do you have research interests? We are happy to connect you with the appropriate skills from the universities or researchers at our Hub.

Are you a researcher in the field of digitalisation and education and want to learn more about opportunities at BeLEARN? Please get in touch with us.


Are you an EdTech start-up and interested in networking with educational research? Would you like to present your product or service to educational practitioners in order to receive valuable feedback? Are you interested in our diverse events and would like to benefit from our network in research and educational practice and regularly use the BeLEARN Hub as a workplace? Then apply and become part of the BeLEARN community. If you have any questions, please contact

Material on loan

Are you a researcher and are interested in VR research with our “Infinadeck” omnidirectional treadmill? Please get in touch at


Are you interested in hiring HoloLenses for a contribution towards expenses (together with an educational concept for secondary level I and II upon request. At the moment, the educational concept and the programming of the BeLEARN app are only available in German)? Please get in touch at

Where does the problem lie?

Can you see a concrete challenge in connection with digitalisation and education which could be tackled through research and practical projects or through a collaboration? Do you expect this challenge to be relevant to a large group of people?


We are interested in learning more. Please get in touch.