ResponSE: Responsible STEM Education

ResponSE is about engaging students in co-creation activities to turn innovation ideas for a sustainable future into open educational resources


Education21 is funding the Youth@STEM4SF initiative aiming at inspiring young talents for STEM careers through innovative R&D science-industry dialogues for sustainability. The objective for students involved is to come up with innovation ideas for a sustainable future after one day of inspirational dialogue with scientists and a visit of two responsible companies. The goal of the ResponSE project is to sustain the Youth@STEM4SF initiative, while extending its scope and its impact by engaging students in co-creation activities at BeLEARN in order to turn their ideas into Open Educational Resources (OERs) that can be shared broadly and reuse by science teachers in Switzerland. Innovation ideas will be collected during the Youth@STEM4SF days. Follow up activities will be proposed by the ResponSE project to the most motivated students for developing these ideas as part of their credited Travail de maturité or as a personal project.

(Zwischen-) Ergebnisse und Infos zum Projektstand

The project has just started


The project is a collaboration between outreach university services, upper secondary schools, and learning scientists


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