Learning Companion

Helping future university students acquire efficient study habits and self-regulation skills through the use of the Learning Companion.


The Learning Companion (https://companion.epfl.ch) is an online tool that is being actively developed at EPFL since 2017 to help students implement effective learning strategies described in the book “Apprendre à étudier, Guide à l’usage des étudiants en sciences et en ingénierie” (Tormey & Hardebolle 2017). The tool features three different modules, one focused on study habits, a second module focused on effective problem solving and a third one focused on multidisciplinary project work.



This project mainly builds on top of the first module about study habits. The results of this project will shed light on whether it is possible to use the existing questionnaires with a pre-university audience. This would allow teachers in upper secondary levels to use it as a diagnostic tool to foster the development of their students’ self-regulation skills before they enter university. It would also pave the way for a follow-up project which would address younger learners. Concretely this project proposes to:


  • Create and evaluate multilingual versions of the Learning Companion
  • Investigate differences between populations. We are interested in using the tool to qualify different levels of self-regulation as they vary across disciplines.
  • Sustain behavioral change through diary activities. Answering a questionnaire alone does not provoke change. In its current form the Learning Companion suggests some remedial material to help students develop skills. However, we hypothesize that active practice of self-reflection skills is a much more efficient way for students to progress.


Main contact person:

Patrick Jermann

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